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This Southern City Is America’s Favorite Hometown
Expansive, clean beaches, a flourishing public art scene, and a dizzying number of craft breweries — these are just a few of the reasons locals love their hometown of Norfolk, Virginia. ... Read More
What to Do this Weekend Downtown
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How to Explore Your New Downtown Neighborhood
Whether you're brand new to town or you've lived in Norfolk for years, there's always reason to explore your neighborhood and your city when it evolves as quickly as ours does (10 points, NFK). ... Read More
Make the Most of Labor Day Weekend in Norfolk
Before you say one last goodbye to summer, spend your labor day weekend making the most of your neighborhood, city AND the extra time off (3 day weekends are THE MOST, you know?) ... Read More
Shop for the New Season in Norfolk
Now is a good time to take stock of your cold weather wardrobe, and make note of what you'll need to head into the new season with both style and functionality in mind. ... Read More
What to do this Weekend in Norfolk

We've got the usual scoop on where to go to get down, get up and get into any and everything good in this sweet city. As usual, all of these options are within walking and biking distance, so go ahead and plan to earn that extra glass of wine/beer or WAFFLE.

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10 Unbeatable Downtown Norfolk Restaurants
We understand that your sophisticated tastes require careful consideration, so we're taking a moment to highlight 10 Unbeatable Downtown Norfolk Restaurants that we know won't disappoint. ... Read More
5 Norfolk Spots to Visit this Summer
Summer is the ultimate season for outdoor action and events in Norfolk, and every weekend is a chance to get out and try something new. ... Read More